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123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer

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123 HP Officejet 5640 printer is a wireless all-in-one printer which is known for the swift printing speed of it. It includes many exclusive features such as; print, scan, copy, and fax. 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer uses the HP thermal inkjet technology which is known for its long lasting ability and lower printing cost.123.hp.com/oj5640 printer has various one of a kind features such as double-sided duplexer which makes double-sided printing a child’s play. You can receive professional looking prints at a quick pace in the vicinity of your desk by making use of this printer.

123.hp.com/setup driver download, wireless install



123 HP Officejet 5640 First Time Printer Setup

After purchasing a 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer, the subsequent step to do is 123 HP printer setup. The setup might look like a tough task, but it is not tough when you pursue the following steps.

Step 1:123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer Unboxing

  • Open HP printer package carefully and unwrap the box in order to strip the box off its contents. Unload 123 HP  printer from the package and get rid of the wrapping paper around it.
  • Be careful while handling HP printer and try not to damage the device by any manner. Make sure that all the components of 123 HP  printer box are removed from 123.hp.com/setup 5640 package.
  • The components consist; HP printer, a black ink cartridge, a tri-colored ink cartridge, a power cord, phone cord, USB cable, ink caution flyer, instant ink flyer and a setup guide.
  • After making sure that all the components are removed from the package of 123 HP printer setup , dispose of the debris or recycle them.

Step 2: Connect Power Cord to HP Officejet 5640 Printer

  • It is most important to secure 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device with a proper power cord connection. Follow the below steps to end with successful cord connection.
  • Obtain a power cable for establishing the power cord connection to both the ends of HP  printer and the computer. Plug the cable into the rear part.
  • Connect another end of the cable to the computer. After the fine power cord connection, edit the preferences required for coping with 123 HP Printer Setup.
  • Finally, Switch ON the port to deliberate the continuous power supply to 123.hp.com/oj5640 Printer device and then try to take printouts from 123 HP printer.
  • Ensure that the power cord connection for the HP Printer is completely safe and secure for 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device.

Step 3: 123 HP Officejet 5640 for Installing Ink Cartridges

  • Unlock the bolt on the cartridge access door and open the cartridge access door by hoisting the door upwards until it clicks lock into its place
  • As soon as the door is wide open, the carriage inside moves a bit to the left. Hang around until 123.hp.com printer becomes silent and the carriage becomes idle.
  • Unpack the ink cartridges from their individual packages carefully. Handle them only by touching the black part of the ink cartridge to make sure not to damage the contacts of the ink cartridge.
  • Remove the plastic protective tape present on the ink cartridge cautiously. Insert the cartridges into their corresponding slots and confirm that they are secured into their places to proceed

Step 4: Loading Paper to 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer

  • For effective printing and the other printer functions, it is for the user to mount the sheets of papers into the tray of 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device.
  • While loading papers, you must be aware of the paper type and size. Make sure that all the papers are of similar in size and type for perfect loading.
  •  After arranging papers, load the sheets of the papers gently into HP printer device. After stacking the sheets into the tray, adjust the sides of the paper to slide it down.
  • Slide the papers down until the edges of papers touch the base of 123 hp officejet 5640  printer. After the successful loading of papers, the user has to edit the preferences.
  • After that, edit HP officejet 5640  printer properties to take printouts from 123 HP  printer device.

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HP Officejet 5640 Print Setup

It is a general and most common feature in any type of HP Printers. These HP Printers are capable of printing documents in a less amount of time. For this feature setup, edit the basic settings to print a document.

HP Officejet 5640 AirPrint Setup

Airprint will be the most phenomenal feature of Apple users, especially iOS. iPhone could easily get connected to 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer via a wireless network. Wi-Fi direct should be turned on and both the devices should be connected to the same network.

HP Officejet 5640 ePrint Setup

ePrint is one of the mobile printing services that allow the user to send files for assisting the remote printing works. This ePrint Setup also eventually let the user print files by mailing the documents through ePrint Services.

HP Officejet 5640 Copy Setup

Using Copy, the user could store the documents from the storage devices which have been inserted to the 123.hp.com/oj5640 Printer. Copy feature allows saving the files, which helps to take the printouts whenever there is a necessary.

HP Officejet 5640 CloudPrint

Cloud Print Setup is a default mobile printing service which allows the user to access documents from the cloud storage. To make use of this setup, register 123 hp setup 5640 printer device to the cloud account to enjoy the web services.

HP Officejet 5640 Scan Setup

On the upper part of 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer, scanner lid will be presented which helps to convert the hard copy to soft copy. If once the user has scanned the document, it can be saved and the duplicates of it can be taken as printouts.

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For Printer Setup, Driver Installation and Wireless Setup
123.hp.com/setup driver download, wireless install

123 HP officejet 5640 Printer Software Installation

Do you think the 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer and computer will get connected with a USB cable? If so, you are terribly in need of our guidance. It is must to install 123 HP Printer Driver Software on the computer to make the technical compatibility between both the devices.

123 HP officejet 5640 Driver Installation for Windows

  • Installing 123 HP Printer Driver Software has been simplified than any other guidance. To lead the complete installation with a technical and moral support, then you are at the right place.
  • At first, the user has to confirm that they are with a good flow of internet access. Check whether there is a physical compatibility between both the devices that is USB.
  • Open the internet explorer from the windows computer. Type for the official 123.hp.com/setup 5640 printer on Google and tap on the search.
  • From millions of results, the user has to pick the appropriate one. When the official 123.hp.com/oj5640  is on the sight, click on 123 HP printer section.
  • Find the driver downloading segment and type for 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer. Downloading would be easier, but before the overwhelming, check whether you are moving with the right model.

123 HP officejet 5640 Driver Installation for Mac

  • HP Print Driver does the similar job of window’s HP Printer Driver software. It would be more common and easy if the Mac user utilizes the guidance of 123 hp oj5640 driver installation for Mac rather than windows.
  • Inspect whether there is a physical connection between 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer and the computer. If the USB cord holds any issue, the connection might not go right.
  • Confirm the steady internet connection and the UPS. Click on the preferred browser and search for the HP Print Driver for Mac.
  • Probably now the user could see the results for their search. From them, choose the appropriate one and get into it.
  • Find the  HP Print Driver Download page on it and type for the right printer model name. installation is simple with the pop-up notification.
123 HP Officejet Mobile Printing Solution
123 HP Officejet 5640 AirPrint Setup

To setup, the AirPrint feature on your 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer, follow the steps explained below:

  • Make sure that the Apple mobile device to be used to access 123 HP printer device is compatible to use the AirPrint feature.
  • Make sure that both 123 hp setup oj 5640  printer and the Apple mobile device with the same wireless network connection.
  • Check if the network chose to connect 123 HP printer and the mobile device possesses an active and strong internet connectivity.
  • To print from the Apple device, open the document or photo to be printed and tap on the Action option.
  • Under the Print menu, choose the 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer and continue printing on HP printer through the AirPrint feature.
123 HP Officejet 5640 ePrint Setup

To setup the ePrint on the 123 HP Officejet 5640 printers, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure that your printer is capable of supporting ePrint and confirm that it is not connected through the USB cable.
  • Check if the Network to which123 HP printer is connected with is capable of providing the required services to its users.
  • If the chosen network is strong enough, restart the router. Later, on the control panel of your 123.hp.com/oj5640 printer, turn on the Web Services.
  • On 123 HP Printer Information Page, obtain HP printer’s email address to send the documents to be printed from the mobile device.
  • Make sure you send a valid email with the documents to 123 HP officejet 5640 printer device with all the required fields filled right.
123 HP Officejet 5640 CloudPrint Setup

To setup, the Cloud Print feature on the 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer, follow the procedure explained below:

  • At first, ensure 123 hp oj5640 is connected to a proper wireless network connection.
  • Make sure that the wireless network to which 123 HP officejet 5640 printer is linked is active and capable of providing the required support.
  • Later, open the browser on the computer and open the registered list of devices and printers on the Google Chrome.
  • If your printer is not added on to the list, then add 123 HP  printer to the My Devices list on the chrome.
  • Later, on the desired device, open the document to be printed and click on Cloud Print. From the list of devices displayed, choose your 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer and click on Print.
123 HP Officejet 5640 Wireless Direct Printing Setup

To setup a wireless direct connection with your printer, follow the given instructions:

  • Make sure that 123.hp.com/setup 5640 printer and the preferred device are in an activated state. Search for the wireless direct option on your printer’s control panel setting and turn it ON.
  • After activating the setting, turn on the wireless connectivity option on your device through the device’s settings.
  • 123 HP officejet 5640 printer’s network will be seen within the list of networks like any other network connection. Choose the  name of HP  printer in connect.
  • After connecting to HP printer,123 HP  printer  might prompt the device to install a printer driver into the computer.
  • Download a compatible printer driver and proceed to accomplish the wireless direct setup for 123 HP Officejet 5640 printer.
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For Printer Setup, Driver Installation and Wireless Setup

123.hp.com/setup driver download, wireless install
123 HP Officejet 5640 Wireless Setup
123 HP Officejet 5640 Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Follow the steps below for enhancing the Wireless Protected Setup on 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device:

  • Before starting the WPS Setup, review 123 HP printer’s manual well and then make sure that you satisfy the below conditions for WPS.
  • There are two methods available for connecting 123.hp.com/oj5640 printer to WPS, but the Push button mode is most simple when compared to another mode.
  • Place a wireless router close to 123 HP printer device. Have a look at the router to confirm the presence of physical WPS Push button for successful network connection
  • Enter the passphrases manually to authenticate the network security in form of WPA or WPA 2 security. Activate the WPS Push button mode on HP printer.
  • Try to press the WPS button on the wireless router within 2 minutes to confirm the successful active network connection.
123 HP Officejet 5640 HP Auto Wireless Connect

It is the easiest setup that can be established easily without the use of cables or wires on the HP Printer device through the steps of ease:

  • HP Auto Wireless Connect is a most advanced technology that establishes 123 hp oj5640 wireless network connection without using wires or network cables.
  • The foremost step is to find the suitable HP Printer software and then follow the instructions to get it installed on the current OS version.
  • In order to match the compatibility of the wireless network, revise your computer version and then amend the network settings to fix it with range.
  • It takes some hours to set 123 HP officejet 5640 printer device in an HP Auto Wireless Connect mode. For successful wireless connection, restore the default network settings.
  • Make sure that you satisfy the above conditions to render the successful wireless network connection for the HP Printer device.
123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer Troubleshooting

If users feel the note of any oscillation or dilemma, just scroll our HP Experts to get clear on their 123.hp.com/setup oj5640 Printer setup doubts and queries, instantly for the trouble-free sense of comfort access.

123 HP Officejet 5640 Paper Jam Error

Follow these steps during any paper jam issues on your HP printer setup:

  • To move, with the trouble-free access, try to get connected with the control panel, which signifies with the sign of warning regarding paper jam errors.
  • If the users seem to note the paper jam on the connected HP Printer setup, just go with the rectification of paper tray until the complete removal of paper which is trapped with.
  • Check the movement of the carriage, and verify for the free suspension. Here, gently grasp the handles either side of 123 HP officejet 5640 printer, and eventually raise printer setup until it gets locked.
  • Try to utilize the automated tool for cleaning out the smears, using the setup and tools option from the control panel for the purpose of cleaning, until 123 HP printer eject the blank paper.
  • It’s time to clean out the paper roller, restart HP printer and meanwhile on servicing it.
Printer is Offline for Windows and Mac

Steps to be followed in case of HP printer being offline for windows and Mac:

  • Before stepping into the printing process, make an attempt on getting clear with the basic connections between your HP Officejet 5640 printer and system respectively.
  • Now, try to restart your connected HP Printer setup, make sure 123 HP  printer is under stable and idle for the usage with respect to the wall outlet and power cords.
  • Using the print & scan, print & fax and printers and scanners option for the purpose of getting the list of HP printer on a connection. Here, try to verify the multiple connections on 123 HP officejet printer and try to disconnect.
  • Further, delete the existing print queue and added printer settings, just by using minus and print option. If AirPrint is available, go with that option for the better steady flow.
  • Finally, try to restart the printing system and on other related issues respectively for the effective access.
123 HP Officejet 5640 Print Jobs Stuck in Queue
  • To solve this issue on 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device, it is must for the user to press the power button on HP printer device to reach inactive state.
  • Unplug the connection from 123.hp.com/setup 5640  printer as well as from the computer. Let the devices to be completely free from work and connection for some time.
  • Go to the Devices and Printer’s option and then check whether there is any checkmarks appears to the desired printer device. If so, then continue to the below steps.
  • On the whole, it is for the user to freeze the current printing works by selecting the print spooler option from the services option.
  • In the end, verify the tick marks and then continue to take printouts from 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device.
123 HP Officejet 5640 Wireless Printing Problem
  • If 123 HP officejet 5640 printer is stuck while printing documents through a wireless network, it is for the user to turn off all the devices and let them be free for a while.
  • Remove the power cables from the end of 123.hp.com/oj5640 printer device and the computer. Also, if there is USB or Ethernet cable attached, remove it.
  • The installation process should be revised to note the installation is complete or not. In case of partial installation, remove the driver or software from the list of installed programs.
  • Go through the settings and then enable and disable the required wireless network settings for 123 HP Officejet 5640 Printer device.
  • After a few minutes, connect the cable and then Power ON all the devices to continue with impressive printing works from HP printer.