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123.hp.com/setup driver download, wireless install

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123 HP Envy Printers

Is the right path which brings a versatile access and eventually to the enriched quality printing through a simple and smart way of operation basically from 123.hp.com/envy print, scan and copy features with ease handling.

123.hp.com/officejet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Officejet Printers

Brings an all-in-one accessibility feature, for the users to check with the possible sense of working by a simple 123.hp.com/officejet setup and that makes the comfortable process even more affordable and running.

123.hp.com/officejet pro printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Officejet Pro Printers

This makes the phenomenal set of approach, which makes a vital change on the printing quality and other specifications through print, scan, copy and other specifications by connecting to HP printer.

123.hp.com/deskjet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Deskjet Printers

It provides a 123 hp setup spacious spot by its versatile behavior and 123 HP printer setup, which eventually grabs the attention of users to get comfortable while operating with 123 HP Deskjet printer setup.

123.hp.com/photosmart printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Photosmart Printers

It makes a wide innovation by users operation, to get their desired quality on printing and even on an enhanced way of access through 123 HP Photosmart Printer setup for the excellent printing Process.

123.hp.com/laserjet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Laserjet Printers

It even fetches the initial users, widely for the resourceful accessing through the simple and comfortable state of usage, which makes a high range of access and performances respectively using 123.hp.com/laserjet Printer Setup.

123.hp.com/laserjet pro printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Laserjet Pro Printers

This makes the printing process even more comfortable with a simple source of a set, which put forth a steady frame while accessing through Printer setup for 123.hp.com/laserjetpro effortless assembling
123.hp.com/pagewide printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Pagewide Printers

It includes a spacious and free slot for the users during the printing operation with simple HP printer setups and working through 123 HP Deskjet Printer in connection with the comfy approach.

123.hp.com/setup Printer

123 HP Printer First Time Setup

Step 1: 123 HP Officejet Eliminate HP Printer from the Box
  • Initially, place your packed HP Printer on the flat surface for the betterment of compact handlings and proceedings.
  • Unpack your HP Printer by removing the wrappers and other blue tapes respectively by peeling out completely.
  • Concentrate much on the thin layered sheets of packing at the edges for the effective removal of HP printer setup.
  • Further, ensure the list of parts on your printer package box for the user’s concern and refinement.
  • Check with the manual setup drives and other manual guidelines or instruction oriented templates for the users helping strata.
  • At the same time, move with the complete removal of 123 hp  printer setup, in turn, to get the safe and secured level of action and approach.
Step 2: HP Officejet Link the Power Cord and Set your Preferences
  • With accordance to the complete removal of packages for the user’s convenience, move with the effective assembling of printer setup on further setup settings.
  • Try to get connected with the optimum range of power supply, for the case of getting the trouble-free setup to the level of the user’s expectation.
  • Further, move with the ends of the connecting systems which includes Hp printer to be connected and other sets of the system respectively to the sufficient range of power supply.
  • While connecting to the power supply, check with the range of power sections that makes a flawless and secured usage for the users.
  • Now, your HP Printer setup is arranged effectively for the rich colorful printing on user’s document or images respectively.
Step 3: 123 HP Officejet Install the Ink cartridges
  • Activate the HP printer and open the ink cartridge access door completely until it locks into its place.
  • The carriage inside would move towards the left as soon as the door is opened. hang around for it to become silent and idle.
  • Unpack the ink cartridges from their package cautiously and remove the plastic protective tape on the contacts of the ink cartridge carefully.
  • Insert the ink cartridges into their respective slots and lock them in. secure the cartridge access door and proceed to print out the alignment page. Follow the instructions on the page further.
Step 4: 123 HP Officejet Mount paper into the input tray
  • Locate the paper input tray on 123 HP printer and certify that the input tray is wide open before proceeding further.
  • Move the paper guides on the tray wide apart and place a stack of paper on the tray. Glide the paper forwards until it moves no further.
  • Adjust the paper guides according to the width of the paper and do not to damage the paper during this process. Anomalies in the paper might lead HP printer to jam.
  • Proceed to complete the process and make sure not to load more than the recommended amount of paper.
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  • First Time HP Printer Setup
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  • 123 HP Printer Wireless Protected setup
  • HP Printer Installation or Printer Setup
HP Printer Troubleshooting

  • 123 HP Printer driver not installed properly
  • HP Printer not found during Network Drive setup
  • Wireless not connecting to printer
  • Difficulty in configuring ePrint or iPrint
  • HP Driver Update problems
  • HP paper jam error

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123.hp.com/setup driver download, wireless install
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  • Printer Installation or Printer Setup
  • Wireless printer setup
  • Printer driver not installed properly
  • Difficulty in configuring ePrint or iPrint
  • Frequent Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam
  • Very low printing speed
  • Computer hangs while using a printer
  • Paper feeder picks up multiple papers
  • Corrupted or Outdated Print drivers
  • Paper Jam in spooling area, Print spooler error

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123 HP Driver Installation

123 HP Driver installation for Windows

To install the driver software for your HP Printer on the Windows computer, follow the steps explained below:

  • Before you start with the process of installing the driver software for your HP printer, make sure you set the Windows to download the software automatically under the Device Installation Settings.
  • Connect your HP printer to a network through either USB cable or Wireless or Wired network connection.
  • Download the driver software from the HP Printer and install it on the Windows computer.
  • To detect HP printer on the computer, make sure you mention the connection type.
  • Later, add HP printer device to the list of devices on the Windows computer on the Add a printer wizard.
  • After the driver software is installed, 123 hp driver download  can be used to print or scan a document or a photo.
123 HP Driver installation for Mac

To install the driver software for the HP printers on the Mac computer, follow the method explained below:

  • To start the process, open the System Preferences under the Apple menu on the Mac computer.
  • Based on the version of the operating system used, select one function from the list.
  • On the list of printers, if your printer name is not enlisted then make the necessary changes to bring it under the list.
  • Click the Use or Print using the option to specify your HP printer name.
  • If the driver software is not installed on the Mac computer, install it from the 123.hp.com.
  • After the preferences are set, try to print, scan or fax from your HP printer device
How to Print Document in HP Printer?
123 HP Print Document in Windows

To print a document from a Windows computer, follow the steps explained below:

  • Before you try to print a document or a photo from a Windows computer, make sure that you have made the initial setups and preferences appropriately.
  • On the Windows computer, open the file containing the document or the photo to be printed and click on Print.
  • Specify all the preferences to be made under the print option.
  • Along with other specifications, mention HP printer name as your HP printer device.
  • Also, make sure that the papers loaded on the input tray on the HP printer are sufficiently enough.
  • If necessary, change the quality and color settings for better printing and click ok.
123 HP Print Document in Mac

To print any document from a Mac computer, follow the steps explained below:

  • Open the file to be printed on the Mac computer and edit it as needed.
  • On the file option, click Print which opens HP Printer settings window.
  • Select your HP printer device name on HP printer field to set your printer device as the registered device for the document to be printed on.
  • From all the options provided, make the preferred changes on every particular option as needed.
  • Make sure of the orientation you choose and see if it is appropriate for your document.
  • Also, choose the tray that holds the suitable paper of type that suits the document sort and click OK to start the print process.
123 HP Wireless Printer Support
123 HP Airprint Setup
  • To print files from iPhone, iPad or from other latest mobile OS, the user can easily print documents through AirPrint Setup on the HP Printer device.
  • Initially, the user has to review 123 Hp Printer  requirements, required for the AirPrint Setup. Edit the network settings to confirm the active wireless network connection.
  • Connect all the required devices to the wireless network. Click on the setup option to reach the wizard option and then select the desired wireless network.
  • Select a file on Apple device and then edit wireless network settings for taking printouts from 123 hp wireless.
123 HP Cloud Print Setup
  • Cloud print is one of the best methods of mobile printing service, which could help its user in multiple streams.
  • In this case, the user may not able to use any other browser rather than Google Chrome.
  • Open the Google Chrome browser from the computer and click on the setting that can be easily noticed on the top corner.
  • From the settings, the user can easily find the advanced settings option. If once the user clicked, it would take to the other option where the Google Cloud Print exists.
  • From there identify the Manage Cloud Print Devices option and choose your 123 hp wireless Model name. Once it gets synched, it would be simple to take printouts using Google Cloud print service.
123 HP ePrint Setup
  • The main intention of this setup is to send files or documents directly to recipient mail address anywhere across the place using the HP Printer device.
  • Maintain the active network connection for transferring documents to the destined printer’s mail address by clicking on the ePrint App.
  • There are some conditions to be satisfied for enabling the ePrint Application. Through this, the user can send and receive files on all types of 123 hp printer setup.
  • Get your devices connected to the active network and then turn on the free web services. Register HP printer’s mail address and start printing files from HP printer device
123 HP Mopria Print Setup
  • Being an Android user, why you are searching for a storage device when you are offered by an outstanding application called Mopria.
  • To use this Mopria Print service, the user has to own a mobile that runs with later than the Android 5.1 version.
  • Installation of this Mopria Application is simple and the same as installing the Instagram on the mobile.
  • Connect the 123.hp.com/setup to the Mopria and check whether both the devices are pitched to the common network.
  • Choose the files that you want to print and select the Change Print Settings. If the user is okay with the default arrangements, simply click on the print and find the printouts
Need Help? Dial Toll Free 1 844 8966 313
For Printer Setup, Driver Installation and Wireless Setup
123.hp.com/setup driver download, wireless install
123 HP Printer Troubleshooting
123 HP Ink Cartridge Issues
  • If the user receives this kind of issue, instead of getting panic simply follow the given instructions to resolve it.
  • Go to near to 123 HP Printer and check whether the connection between the devices is perfect.
  • Press the button to open the ink cartridge access door of  HP Printer. Check whether the cartridges are installed in a proper manner.
  • If any of it misplaced to another slot, take it off and position it to the right slot. Check the ink level of the cartridges.
  • If it is running out of ink, change the cartridge. Make sure to get an authorized HP Ink cartridge.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door. If the device makes any kind of noise, wait until it gets idle.
  • Probably now the user can easily print documents from 123 HP Printer.
123 HP Scanner not Working
  • 123 HP Scanner will never get into trouble. In case if it happens, follow our troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue.
  • Check HP printer model name that is listed on the devices and printers of windows.
  • If some other unrelated printer is disclosed, remove it on that instant and carry on with the below-given procedure.
  • Inspect the devices that are involved in this rung. If any of it is not in an active state, turn it on.
  • Run print and scan doctor on your computer. If it doesn’t favor, simply uninstall HP printer driver from the computer.
  • While you prompt to reinstall, make sure whether you are downloading the right version which could easily get sync to HP Printer.
  • Check whether the Windows Image Acquisition Settings is enabled. Once you fix all the errors, it would be simple to utilize the Scanner of 123 HP Printer.
123 HP Print Jobs Stuck in Queue
  • To rectify this issue on the 123 HP Printer device, turn off Hp printer device and then start to remove cables from the port of HP printer and the computer.
  • Print Spooler option is the required option that stops the current printing works. Deleting the older files in 123.hp.com/setup folder will get you a huge memory.
  • Each and every time, the user has to review the documents and then choose a file on windows to get it printed from the desired HP Printer device.
  • Establish the cable connection and then Power ON the devices. Try to take printouts from 123 HP Printer device to verify the status of HP printer device.
123 HP Wireless Network Issues
  • If 123 HP printer device is not functioning properly, then it might be due to wrong settings in the network connectivity or due to other device problems.
  • The first step which the user needs to do is Switch off 123 HP printer, router, and the computer. Try to unplug all cables from HP printer and the computer.
  • Verify the installation of the HP Printer software. The installation is the main thing to configure and to support the wireless network for HP printer.
  • Review the current settings you have made because there might be an option disabled sometimes. Modify the settings wherever required and then confirm it.
  • Finally, Power ON  HP printer, router and the computer. Connect the devices to the wireless network and then try to print files from HP printer device.
123 HP Paper Jam Error
  • If the paper has got stuck while printing, remove the originals from the main input tray of 123 HP Printer device and then follow the steps below.
  • After removing the sheets of the papers, the user has to examine the size and type of the papers. If the papers are not identical, neglect those papers.
  • After mounting the papers to the tray, slide down the papers to let the papers rests against the edge of HP printer device and then remove unwanted cables.
  • Check the network connectivity and then turn on 123 HP printer device. Edit HP printer properties and then choose a file to get it printed
123 HP Driver Installation Problem
  • If the user receives an error when the installation process is ahead, simply pause it and move with our troubleshooting process.
  • There might be some functional issue and to rectify it, restart the whole devices that are featured with this concern.
  • Check the physical connection between on devices to another.
  • If there any fault with the cables, the user has to replace it with another HP authorized cable.
  • Click on the start and go to the devices and printer 123.hp.com. Remove the other printer which isn’t there in the workstation.
  • Delete HP Printer Driver which has been installed previously and given an attempt with a fresh installation.
  • Probably by now, the installation would never go wrong. If so, touch our base and get the instant solution.